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Beezus Anne Quimby is the deuteragonist of Ramona and Beezus series and is the older sister of Ramona Quimby and Roberta.Her real name is Beatrice.She has an orange cat Picky-Picky. Beezus is a 10 year old girl.Sometimes she dosen't like Her little sister Ramona.

Beatrice is called Beezus because when Ramona was a baby, she couldn’t say Beatrice, so she said Beezus instead. Mean boys called her Jesus Beezus.

Beezus is very responsible and sensible. She always looks after her sister Ramona. She used to have short hair but she growed it below her shoulders. During puberty, she got a lot of pimples on her face. She also got her ears pierced.. She likes to sew and used to take art lessons. As she got older, she started babysitting. At high school, she takes French lessons. She doesn’t know how to dance.

When she was younger, she was friends with Henry Huggins, and he came Over a lot with his dog, Ribsy. In the movie, Beezus had a romantic relationship with Henry. She used to be friends with Pamela. In Ramona's world, she became best friends with Abby.

She is very close with her family. Her mother always says how responsible and sensible she is. She likes to goof with her father. She fights with her sister, Ramona, but as they grow older, they became closer. She was the third person to see her sister, Roberta. She has a special relationship with her aunt Béa, and was named after her.

She shares a room with Ramona. in books she was 14 years old

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