Howie Kemp




Ramona Quimby, Willa Jean Kemp (occasionally)


9 years old


Ramona Quimby (Cousin) Beezus Quimby (Cousin) Willa Jean Kemp (Little sister)


Being a teachers pet, showing off his experience in building, being much more sensible than Ramona


Not being included, Ramona having to go home, Willa Jean, His Grandmother's orders


Taking wheels off bikes, riding a unicycle


Howard "Howie" Kemp is a sensible boy and Ramona's best friend.  Howie's first main apperance was Ramona The Pest, where in this one he was a bit snobby to Ramona. In Ramona The Brave, he refuses to tell the class a lie.  It can also be noted he finds Willa Jean a pest too. In Ramona Quimby Age 8, Ramona has to babysit Willa Jean after school while he hangs out with his friends. In Ramona Forever his Uncle Hobart comes from Saudi Arabia.

Howie lives with his grandmother, his parents, his sister Willa Jean, and for awhile, Uncle Hobart.

He is best friends with Ramona. They like to ride bikes together. Howie can be silly at times. How’re likes to work with tools and be silly. He likes tun’a sandwiches.

He doesn’t like weddings.

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