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Not to be confused with the character or the series.

Ramona is a Canadian, live-action, children's TV show that aired in 1988, based on the Ramona Quimby series. Each episode is roughly 20-30 minutes long.


  • Squeakerfoot -- Ramona enters third grade, but has a run of bad luck when her shoes squeak, she cracks an egg on her head, and she believes Mrs. Whaley considers her a nuisance.
  • Mystery Meal -- When the Quimby sisters find out what kind of meat their parents served up and refuse to eat it, the parents have them cook dinner.
  • Ramona the Patient -- Ramona gets a stomach bug, and when she recovers she must write a book report.
  • Rainy Sunday -- The Quimby family clashes on a rainy day, until they go out to dinner and meet a friendly stranger.
  • Goodbye, Hello -- The Quimby sisters find out that Picky-Picky is dead and Mrs. Quimby is pregnant.
  • New Pajamas -- Ramona gets a new pair of pajamas, which she wears to school under her clothes.
  • Ramona's Bad Day -- Ramona has a bad day, which ends with her parents arguing. She and Beezus fear they will break up.
  • The Great Hair Argument -- Beezus wants to get her hair cut at a salon.
  • The Perfect Day -- Aunt Bea gets married.
  • Siblingitis -- Roberta is born.


  • "Squeakerfoot", "Mystery Meal", and "Ramona the Patient" were based off Ramona Quimby, Age 8, while "Rainy Sunday", "New Pajamas", "Ramona's Bad Day", and "The Great Hair Argument" were based off Ramona and Her Mother, and "Goodbye, Hello", "The Perfect Day", and "Siblingitis" were based off Ramona Forever.
  • Ramona's hair is blonde in this show despite being dark in the books.