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Susan Kushner is the rival of Ramona in Ramona and Beezus, Ramona the Pest, Ramona the Brave, and Ramona's World. She is a frilly girly girl going to Glenwood Elementary School. Her age varies; she is the same age as Ramona in the books, and nine in the movie. She loves showing off her ballet skills and bragging about her acting experience in "The Royal Peanut Butter Commercial," which she wins every year. Susan is jealous of Ramona.

Personality: Susan is a perky nine year old in Ramona's third grade class. She is bossy toward Ramona and brags about her ballet and acting jobs. She often tries to bring Ramona down by saying hurtful comments. Susan is also somewhat of a perfectionist due to her mother's perfectionism.

Physical Appearance: Susan has blond golden curly locks and blue eyes. She wears her hair down with barrettes or clips. She always wears dresses and skirts due to being more stereotypically feminine than Ramona.

Relationship With Ramona: Susan and Ramona have been enemies since kindergarten. Ramona has always pulled and tugged on Susan's golden locks much to Susan's dismay. The girls are also competitive with each other. Susan and Ramona both competed to get the "Royal Peanut Butter Commercial" but Susan was more prepared than Ramona, with a beautiful ballet dress and a crystal tiara and Ramona with a t-shirt and a tiara made of burs.

Family Life: Susan's mother Alison Kushner is a real estate agent that helped sell the Quimbys' house. Her mother is very passionate about Susan in commercials and always is sure she looks her best. Her parents got divorced and her father moved far away to Tacoma. She always expects her daughter to be perfect, to the point where she's a villain hindering her daughter rather than helping her.