Danny is a character is the Ramona Quimby series. He first appears in Ramona Quimby, Age 8 and appears again in Ramona's World. He starts off as looking like a boy 'whose father would take him to ball games,' as described by Ramona, because he was wearing a shirt that read Earthquakes, which Ramona decided were some kind of team. He steals Ramona's first-day-of-school eraser and is seen throwing it around with around boy. Ramona calls them 'yucky yard apes', which was how Yard Ape got his nickname. He later gives the eraser back when he calls Ramona Bigfoot and she calls him Superfoot right back. Later in the book, Ramona cracks an egg over her head and has to go to the office to wash her hair. Yard Ape comes to collect her and bring her back to class. This is when Ramona begins to have a crush on Yard Ape. In Ramona's World, everybody in the class has to give each other Valentines, so Ramona gives Yard Ape her school picture of her making an ugly face. In return, Yard Ape gives her an original poem: "If you are eating peas, think of me before you sneeze. From: Yard Ape, President". Ramona leaves the classroom happily because the poem shows he likes her.

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